Video Inspection / Line Locating

Latest Technology

With the latest video inspection technology we have the ability to view lines from 2” to 8” in diameter. This allows us to see what the problem may be. Weather it is root intrusions, broken pipes, or a dip in the line. By using this technology we can accurately diagnose and locate the problem area. We will leave a copy of the video if requested.

What Is Video Inspection?

Video cameras have become one of the most valuable tools in the plumbing business. Specially made waterproof cameras allow for a visual inspection of sewer lines and other pipes that are underground, in cement and under your home’s foundation.

A professionally trained and skilled technician inserts a flexible rod with a high-resolution video camera on its tip into pipes from 2 inches to 36 inches in diameter. The flexible rod allows the camera to travel through the pipe—even around corners—to see the pipe in its entirety. Real-time video image transmission allows the technician to determine the condition of the inside of the pipe and understand any existing or potential problems. The images can be saved for a permanent record.

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